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At a time when the Demographic Dividend concept is topical on international news media and conferences around the world, a Senegalese blogger, Demba Gueye, has made digital entrepreneurship a source of development.

As part of the launch of the DD Blog, he kindly accepted to be our guest. The digital consultant and member of the Africtivists network threw light on his new project called Kebetu Digital Academy launched in 2018.


“The Kebetu Digital Academy is at the moment only on Twitter (@KebetuAcademy) and aims to identify and recruit young African talents passionate about digital communication to equip them in an ecosystem increasingly demanding in terms of know-how,” says Demba who also advises agencies, organizations and public figures on their online presence.

The first edition of the Kebetu Digital Academy was held in Dakar from Saturday 12th May 2018 to Sunday 13th May, 2018. For him, the idea is to train local digital managers with the best tools and techniques available, based on both local and international expertise.

It is for this simple reason that Demba has made digital the source of his livelihood and intends to share his experience with young Africans.

On twitter, he is closely scrutinizing the latest trends in an ecosystem that is evolving at a very high speed while interacting with the most influential actors in his sector. He shares with them the individual and collective initiatives that deserve their attention.

In 2015, Demba Gueye also worked as a consultant for Africa Gathering on ​​the Digital Communication of the Cartagena Data Festival, a three-day festival held in Colombia. The ODI, Africa Gathering, CEPEI, Data-Pop Alliance, PARIS21, UNDP and UNFPA organized the Cartagena Data Festival.


A renewed experience with ODI, but this time as a facilitator and Keynote Speaker at the United Nations Information Center in Dakar on “Mobilizing the BigData for Sustainable Development.”

Non-exhaustive list of piloted projects (Digital and Social Media):

Women’s Investment Club (in progress)

– KAIZENE (in progress)

– St. Louis Forum (in progress)

– Tigo Senegal (transferred) – Casablanca Finance City

– International Enterprise (Singapore) (transferred)

– Think Create DO (in progress)

– Du Berger Dairy (transferred)

– Beautiful Soul (transferred)




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