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The Regional Director in an interview with the Jeune Afrique calls for a mass of investments in Africa as part of the European Development Days, held from 5 to 6 June 2018.

The aim is to raise awareness of the fact there is a cost to capture the Demographic Dividend, but above all that it can be done only over a well-defined period known as the window of opportunity.  

“The European Union can support African countries to achieve economic and social growth by mobilizing the investments needed to accelerate the demographic transition of the continent. As it spearheads the economic growth of the Africa we want, the African Union is working resolutely for a “win-win” political and economic partnership in which all parties involved could play their part.

Hence, the demographic transition and capture of the demographic dividend in Africa could result from investments in basic socio-economic infrastructure and the promotion of human rights such as the protection of human dignity, health, family planning, education and empowering women and youth.

UNFPA remains convinced that these young people couldn’t be abandoned to radicalism, human traffickers in the desert, seas and oceans through which they perish by tens of thousands. The fight for demographic transition and access to decent employment could be a powerful antidote to these abuses.”

Read the article on Jeune Afrique

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