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The Regional Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for the West and Central Africa region, Mabingué Ngom, met with Senegalese authorities during a field visit, during which they made speeches around varied development issues. In an interview granted thereafter, he outlined the benefits of the Demographic Dividend and its role in boosting the continent’s economy. He also talked about the summit’s decisions made by African Heads of State and Government on the issue to spearhead continental development. Mr. Ngom also addressed issues related to maternal and newborn health, including family planning, which is an effective way to reduce maternal and infant mortality.


When you met with Senegalese authorities in October, did they assure of the attention paid to the youth?

I think the speech is reassuring because the actions are geared toward the right direction. However, a country like Senegal can do better. It is true that in many areas, Senegal is doing well, it is doing much better than most countries in the sub region. Senegal’s indicators are far better than those of other countries in West and Central Africa. However, it should be noted that the West and Central Africa region has the worse indicators for youth, maternal, newborn and family planning.

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