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The present document, “Vision 2030, the Chad We Want” is the culmination of a long inclusive and participative process that involved not only the various expertise of the Technical and Financial Partners, but also and especially the Chad population in all its diversity.

This innovative exercise in Chad – meaning that in its entire history, this is the first time that the country has embraced long-term development – translates the Vision clearly expressed of His Excellency, Mr. Idriss Deby ITNO, President of the Republic of Chad, Head of State. We welcome this initiative that now binds all social and professional segments of Chad toward a common goal: Chad’s Development by 2030.
Translating this national objective into practice required the development of a strategic document (“Vision 2030”) and a first operational planning document (“National Plan 2017-2021”). Documents, whose preliminary work (conceptual note, road map) by the Direction Général du Plan et des Etudes (General planning and studies directorate) have been the launch pad. Their contribution throughout the conceptual process of said documents has been decisive.

We thank them. We also thank the Coordination Team, Comité Technique des Experts Multisectoriels (Technical Committee of Multisectoral Experts), Comité Multisectoriel et Multipartenaires (Multisectoral and multipartner committee), and the national and international consultants who have contributed effectively.
We cannot forget to thank the Technical and Financial Partners (ADB, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, EU, WFP, The World Bank, France), whose technical and/or financial support has been decisive.



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